Somatic, Relational Psychotherapy

Gently changing the way you know yourself

Looking for the right therapist can feel daunting. While a part of you knows you can heal, and is even a little excited to reach out to the right one, another part might feel a little anxious about it…after all, it’s a big thing.

I have seen where there is great hurt there is also an amazing capacity for healing.

We need to feel heard and experienced by another, it’s a fact of being human. As I sit with folks, with their pain, with them, we notice and explore, find hidden strength and they start to feel better. That’s what happens when we feel less alone and feel more safe.

In therapy we can begin to feel safe and cared for, as we feel invited to notice ourselves in new ways.

So whether you feel  like you have had your struggles your whole life, or that they have come on suddenly, therapy can help. You can feel  better,  you can feel less isolated, calmer, more connected and your own wisdom can begin to emerge. Bad experiences can lose their sting and simply become a part of history.

If you are experiencing

  • Feelings of stress, anger, sadness, worry, dread, loneliness, shame, tearfulness or emotional numbness

Or think you might be suffering from

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Trauma
  • PTSD

Or you feel like you could use some support navigating

  • Parenting
  • Divorce or separation
  • New transitions
  • Religious/Spiritual questions or sensitivities
  • LGBTQ  issues or you just need to know this is a safe place for you & your way of being in the world
  • The challenges of high school, college or adjusting to young adulthood
  • You have made the choice to be clean and sober and now what’s next?

 Intense times bring intense feelings. Support in navigating these transitions can be the critical difference in how you come through them.

I would be honored to help you through what you need to get through, and forward to the next stage of your life. If we work together, we will create a process suited to your needs, that builds on your strengths. I can provide a mind-body approach that gently and effectively helps you build the change you want for yourself. This approach can change your relationships with yourself, those you love and the world around you, and bring you greater satisfaction in your life as it opens up to you in new ways.



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